At McCracken Opticians, we have always tried to equip our practice with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.  We are therefore proud to be able to carry out the most advanced retinal imaging technique, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). 

OCT is a completely safe, quick and painless way of obtaining a scan of the back of the eye. It is a technique that provides amazing high resolution 3D images of the eye. It is rather like Ultrasound, except it uses infra-red radiation instead of sound waves.

With the advent of OCT scanning, the role previously filled by digital photography in detecting the early signs of eye disease has been greatly expanded and improved.  Whereas photography only allowed us to look at the surface of the retina, the OCT allows us to look beneath the surface to investigate what we previously have been unable to see.

OCT is an excellent diagnostic tool, capable of detecting sight-threatening eye conditions.  For example, it can show early fluid-filled cavities in the macula which indicate the presence of Wet Age-related Macular Degeneration which could not easily be seen using previous investigative techniques. This is important as early diagnosis and intervention can often save the sight in such an eye.

OCT can also be of invaluable help in detecting early stage glaucoma.  An optic nerve head scan can show areas of thinning of the optic nerve rim which might indicate the beginnings of this disease. We would therefore recommend OCT not just for glaucoma patients, but also those deemed at greater risk of developing glaucoma, such as those with a family history of Glaucoma.  

Since having the OCT installed it has proved to be a complete revelation for us at McCracken Opticians. We have already detected the presence of several sight-threatening conditions.

OCT is normally carried out as an addition to the normal eye examination and can be requested at the time of the eye test.  As an enhanced optometric service, a private fee is payable for the scan.  Results are available instantaneously and it is a great way for patients to gain a better understanding of the health of their eyes.

Patients old and new are cordially invited to call in to the practice to book their appointments, or equally, should they want to seek more information about the procedure.  Our friendly staff will be happy to offer further advice.