Eye Examinations

McCracken Opticians Enhanced Services Menu

McCracken Opticians are delighted to offer their patients a wide range of enhanced services, many of which are unavailable from other opticians. These services are aimed at further improving the quality of eye care that we deliver to our patients.

At the present time, not all of these are covered by NHS provisions and additional charges will apply to the services as listed on the menu below.

In instances where the optometrist feels that the patient would benefit from an enhanced service the patient will be advised accordingly. Whilst we recommend that the patient complies if such advice is given, there is no obligation for them to do so.

If you feel that you might benefit from one of the following services, please ask one of our optometrists who will be happy to advise you.

  • OCT Optic Nerve Head Scan (Glaucoma) £35-00
  • OCT Central Corneal Thickness Measurement (Glaucoma) £10-00
  • OCT Macula Scan £35-00
  • OCT Optic Nerve Head and Macula Scans combined £50-00
  • Digital Retinal Images £15-00
  • Lacrimal Irrigation (Consultation + Procedure) £35-00 + £45-00
  • Punctum Plugging (Consultation + Procedure) £35-00 + £145-00
  • Acute Eye Consultation £35-00
  • Foreign Body Removal £35-00
  • Dry Eye Assessment £35-00
  • Eyelash Epilation £10-00
  • Full Threshold Visual Fields Examination £17-50

Both the Private Eye Examination fee and Contact Lens consultation fee remain at £35-00 for each appointment.